Wednesday, August 18, 2004

There is a fascinating poll in today's Guardian which bears out a lot of what I have been experiencing on the doorsteps lately. Despite a LibDem campaign that has put Iraq at the centre, voters put that issue at the bottom of their priority list. People say to me that Iraq has damaged their faith in Blair and the Labour Government, but still issues such as education, the NHS and crime will decide how they vote - hence the ICM poll puts NHS top with 59%, the education on 42% and law & order on 35%. Maybe, in seats like Norwich South where it is the Conservatives who are challenging Labour, the LibDems may live to regret their "Iraq, Iraq, Iraq" strategy. The ICM poll - notoriously the worst of the major polls for the Tories - puts Labour on 36%, Conservatives 33% and LibDems down again on 22%.

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