Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Completely ignore the blog below – nothing, of course, works out the way it should! The more time limited I seem to be, the less chance there is of things happening! When I got into Louise’s school on Monday morning, she promised me that she wouldn’t have much stuff to move. I have seen people relocate was less gear than she took. In fact, how it all fitted in her store cupboard in the first place (or how it fitted in my tiny Fiesta subsequently) was amazing. Over then to the new school and the new classroom - where all of the furniture (and I mean, all) was stacked in one corner. Following Louise’s standard cry of “not in my condition” I have to lug the whole lot around. Finally, now trying to get over to meet a group of deliverers in Town Close when I get a call from one of our activists in Lakenham – she’s about to do her delivery round in sheltered housing and would I like to come? Of course, I say, and half an hour and three dozen handshakes later… I must admit that I did enjoy it, even at a moments notice. Finally over to Grove Walk, Town Close, just in time for it to rain and for me to pick up Louise. Back we go and I finally get back to help finish the leafleting in Wensum Ward. Phew!

Then there was today … car went in for a service at Busseys, Whiffler Road, and thinking it should only take a few hours I head off into the City. Firstly was yesterday’s postponed meet with the Town Close Campaigners and a walk around Langham Place and leafleting around the Southwell Road area. Then, in the rain and failing to hear anything about the car, I go off to the City for a spot of lunch, canvassing and leafleting. A full six hours later my car is ready and my legs about to fall off. Particular killers are those flats!

Amusing story, I was caught by one middle aged man putting my leaflet through his door. He snatched it out of my hand and then looked slightly embarrassed when he saw me on the front! Not to be deterred, he then went into a big rant about how the LibDems were ruining the City and that I should be ashamed. Funny you should say that, Sir, I began… If I have to take abuse for the LibDems I hope I can take their votes too! Judging by the response I got on the doorsteps yesterday and today that looks like a pretty good bet.
Result of the last two days? Haven’t managed to be in a single place at the right time and loved every moment of it.

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