Monday, August 02, 2004

From tonight's Eastern Evening News:

Tory calls for rise in crime detection
A city political campaigner has criticised low levels of crime detection, as published in recent crime statistics. Antony Little, the Norwich Conservative Party's Parliamentary Spokesman, said it was a matter of concern that criminals were being let off the hook.

"More criminals are going unpunished across Norfolk. The detection rate has fallen by 3% across central Norfolk alone in the last year," he said. "We already knew that many types of violent crime are rising. But worse, we can now see that fewer criminals are being punished for those crimes.

"More criminals are getting away scot-free with their activities, and their victims are not seeing proper justice." Mr Little said: "Our police officers in Norfolk are working hard, but are being dragged down by Whitehall bureaucracy that prevents them from patrolling the streets and catching criminals."

"This is why Conservatives want to see a greater emphasis on nieghbourhood policing, a greater say for local people on how the police forces are run and backed up by more money for extra police officers across Norfolk."

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