Thursday, August 19, 2004

I am spearheading calls for Norwich City Council and the Norfolk Constabulary to get tough on binge drinkers and declare parts of Norwich as a “controlled drinking zone.”

The plans, drawn up by the Norwich Conservatives, would see the zones as part of a crackdown on drunkenness and anti-social behaviour just as Norwich City Council seems set to give the City a 24 hour drinks licence.

Norwich City Council are on the verge of introducing 24-hour licensing as one way of stopping rowdy behaviour in City hotspots such as the Prince of Wales Road and Riverside. The plans that we are announcing today would clamp down on the kind of behaviour that puts people off going out socially in these areas.

The “zones” would be agreed by the City Council and the Norfolk Police, but would almost certainly include Riverside, the Prince of Wales Road and the area around Gentleman’s Walk – but they might also included open spaces where under aged drinking is a problem.

These areas have suffered higher crime in the past relating to drunkenness, anti-social behaviour, vandalism and graffiti,” said Antony. “Police officers and police community support officers can ask anyone drinking in the street or a park to hand over their cans, bottle or glass. Those who refused face a fixed penalty notice and the possibility of arrest.

We would also like to see Community Wardens and other park officials have these powers too.

Drinking is not banned in the zones. The aim is to curb rowdy behaviour that spoils other people’s enjoyments, especially during weekends and evenings.”
I ask Norwich City Council and the Norfolk Police to take seriously the request of so many local people to clamp down on rowdy behaviour in our City. I will do all I can to support and push these measures.

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