Sunday, August 01, 2004

I am rather ashamed that it has taken me a while to update this blog – it’s been quite a week! Time flies when you’re on school holidays…

I won’t be forgiven for not giving a mention to my agent, Trevor Ivory, for his wonderful BBQ last week. I was very impressed that he managed to create something not too dissimilar from a iron ore furnace out of a charcoal barbeque and still didn’t manage to destroy the food!

Last night a group of us went to dinner (and what a dinner!) at the home of John and Eileen Wyatt. Delightful evening, lots of Pimms and enough deserts to sink the proverbial battleship. Spent much of this morning working off desert by delivering our survey in Cringleford and then visiting the Little Melton home of Garry Wheatley, district Councillor for Cringleford & Colney, and his wife Joan.

Last week was mainly spent in New Costessey doing the first full survey (i.e. every house) in the ward for over a generation – I’ll post the results when we get them! Tomorrow is my next Campaign Strategy Meeting, held in Nelson Ward.

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