Monday, March 15, 2004

That grin is still firmly plastered to my face! Day began with excellent news that my selection was all over the billboards for the EDP City-wide. Had a really good article on page two, once again confirming that I am in second place with the Lib Dems a poor third. My interview with BBC Radio Norfolk was played for a second day running and got a good slot on the hourly bulletin for Radio Broadland. The phone calls and e-mails of support are coming in thick and fast. Two ex-uni mates who live in the country phoned to say they'd heard me on the radio. That really shows the advantage of being a local candidate. Pupils very supportive also - gave me a chance to do a bit of citizenship teaching about the role of an MP, but most were more concerned that I might not teach them anymore. Luckily my year group will be just about leaving at the time of the election (I can hear year 10 pupils heaving a sigh of relief all over the county!) Gave another interview to the Evening News this afternoon. Phew! History Office at school feels more like CCO at the moment!

First leaflets in for printing and distribution - am arranging a canvassing night on Friday to kick start the campaign. It's all go!

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