Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Another day, another register cover... The rigour of everyday life not as bad today because I managed to sneak out for lunch with a friend at The Forum in Norwich and a quick look around the market. Also on the good new front is that an old UEA friend is moving back to Norwich. He saw me on the Conservatives Web Site and e-mailed offering me help at the election. Similar thing happened on Sunday - you have no idea how great it is as a Tory for somebody to come out of their house and congratulate you after receiving a leaflet. Support still coming in thick and fast!

I have enjoyed reading about the trouble in the Lib Dem Party today. Poor Charlie Kennedy never looked like much of a leader, and with Michael Howard stealing his thunder (and votes) he needs to try a lot harder. Far be it for me to offer another party advice but I have no idea why they are sticking with Charlie Kennedy when they do have other people (e.g. Mark Oaten, Vince Cable) ready in the background. A lot of commentators are talking up Ming Campbell but he simply doesn't have the authority in my view. Simon Hughes will be damaged goods by then (you cannot talk yourself come third in the London mayoral election and come out as anything less than a lame duck), Evan Harris is apparently quitting parliament and a lot of other Lib Dems are too busy trying to hold onto their parliamentary seats. It must be tricky when you only have 54 MPs, so I think old CK might just hold on due to lack of competition! Still, nice to see another party beset by a leadership crisis for once.

It may even be that Michael Howard is the only current party leader to go into the election still in charge of his band...

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