Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Canvassing tonight in my home village of Three Score, Bowthorpe. Nice to know that so many people know me in the area (and will vote for me!). Lots of issues arising from the building yard that Three Score in becoming and lots of curiosity about what will become of the communal land. Also you really get to understand the pace at which properties change hands around here – people whom I spoke to a few weeks ago have moved! Great to have a big team out because it makes it so much quicker and more fun. Had my first parent promise to vote for me today, which was very embarrassing – almost forget about those sort of things at work. She said how good I looked on Anglia TV last week! Ah, fame, at last (at least in Lakenham.) A colleague at work said to me today how well I had done in the media but was I really meeting people. Let’s check the diary for this week…
Saturday: On the doorsteps in Cloverhill, Bowthorpe
Monday: City Conservatives Meeting discussing the local election manifesto
Tuesday: Conservative Future Party at Owens, Norwich, was meeting UEA Students to discuss Top Up Fees
Wednesday: Out canvassing in Three Score, Bowthorpe
Thursday: Addressing meeting of Eaton residents about the future of transport in Norwich
Friday: Launching Conservative “GP Out of Hours” campaign (see below)
That’s a lot of people to meet – and I’m having great fun doing it!

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