Thursday, September 03, 2009

SNAP: We're serious about ASB

Anti-social behaviour and speeding have once again become priorities after the meeting of the Bowthorpe Safer Neighbourhoods Action Panel. At a meeting yesterday held at Chapel Break, the Bowthorpe SNAP decided upon 2 new priorities.

The first was to tackle speeding down Rawley Road by investigatingpossible traffic calming measures and increasing traffic officer presence. Rawley Road is a commonly used cut through in the area with a school at one end and with residential homes along it. There is an issue with speeding and with the school term about to start local people felt thisought to be an issue which is highlighted. The local police are very supportive of this initiative because it fits well with other traffic calming projects in the area and across the City. Bowthorpe has suffered the tragedy of losing of our youngersters in a road traffic accident and this priority hopes to remind all motorists of the need to stick to the speed limit.

The second priority was to tackle anti-social behaviour in the Peverell Road area by invetsigating the use of Dispersal Orders, increasingwarden/PCSO/Police foot patrols at key times and working with Norfolk County Council and Norwich City Council to design out the crime (i.e.block up alleyways used for crime and disorder).

This was the number one issue raised and I am grateful to local peoplefor their input into the matter. This is something which we have lookedat before, but the weakness of the SNAP priorities is that you can worktowards solving an issue, it then ceases to be a priority and then theproblem comes back.

Local hard working people have a right to live their lives in peacewithout intimidation. We were told of large groups of youths throwingstones at windows, lighting fires, urinating in gardens and pulling upplants in gardens. If challenged by residents, local people are jeeredand have abuse thrown at them. This has to end.

If yobs want to make life difficult for local residents they ought toknow that we will use every tactic to stop them. The Police are actively looking at Dispersal Orders to stop gangs of young people from hanging around, especially late into the night. We are ensuring that more footpatrols go on at key times to discourage anti-social behaviour. And we want to work together to make sure that we don't make crime easy - by cutting off alleyways that are used for nothing but crime and disorder we can send a strong message that we the community won't tolerate this anylonger.

I am glad Peverell Road is back on the agenda; we owe the decent residents of the area every chance to live their lives free from crime. This SNAP priority shows we are on their side and ready to fight for them.


Anonymous said...

I was at the meeting and we are very lucky in Bowthorpe to have you as our local counsellor. Thank you for all your work.

Paul said...

It is absolutely essential that the police properly tackle the anti-social behavior in the Peverell road area. As you say Antony it has been allowed to go on for far to long!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Annon 1; we are incredibly lucky to have Antony as our Bowthorpe/Earlham Councillor.

A lot of ASB, vandalism, grafitti does peak over the summer holidays as there is larger opportunity for idleness, boredom, mindlessness, being unsupervised, gang time. Combined with family pressures whether domestic, todays economic dpression (love running out when £££ dips syndrome)..increased grafitti/tags in the usual places, vandalism etc. Expect things to calm down with kids back to schools this week.

Schools are fantastic places, fantastic folks working there (Education aside) as kids are endlessly occupied, spend vastly less bored and mindless time on the steets and gives parents time to breath with their own lives. Schools cut ASB/juvenile crime effectively and massively IMO, without payment for all these social and community kid minding invisibles. When kids are out of school for more than 2 weeks, ASB, grafitti, littering, damage starts to sore! Being at school temporally designs out ASB/ juvenile crime.

It would be good if some holistic, inter department, guru official ...travelled round Bowthorpe, Earlham, Larkman and recorded every new grafitti/vandalism item, map it, and get the GRAFOFF teams in straight away.

Also making sure certain kids in the Costessey/Bowthorpe/Earlham/Larkmanwards are in in school or under parental supervisor; and off the streets, preferrably learning. If not, why not. Truanting, bunking off, having a pseudo-sickie down the pop shop, roaming Castle Mall, Chapelfield, kids playgrounds..why not supervised?

Anonymous said...

Positive news to report from North Earlham.

Sunday, Time 10.00pm Police Footpatrol x2 officers doing a great job, showing real presence along Earlham Green Lane/surrounding area. Even a hello and a friendly chat.

Right beat, right time and deployment.

Hope you pass this back this back to the sargeants at Bowthorpe/Earlham SNAP meeting. Foot patrols weekends after dark are making the neighbourhood safer and secure.