Thursday, September 03, 2009

New Year's Day

Well, the firsy day back to school was exciting but largely uneventful - just a reminder about the amount of work we need to do before the kids even hit the classrooms! Bishop Michael Evans celebrated a wonderful Mass with us this morning, wishing the teaching staff a "Happy New Year". We were joined by a visiting priest from Cambodia and a stark descriptions of the differences between the teaching professions in our two nations. A very sobering start to the year, really.

The best bit about the first day back to school is all the "catch up chats" you get with colleagues and friends, many of whom have the luxury of spending most the break abroad. It was pleasing to see how many people have had my latest campaign leaflet and remembered it - the photos worked well and people certainly liked my "Honesty Promise".

Childcare means I couldn't go to the leaving party for John Jones at the Council - a real shame as John has been a dependable and methodical Head for the Legal & Democratic Services at City Hall (spelling errors aside!! Sorry John, had to be said!!) and we will be very sorry to see him go. His replacement has, meterphorically, big shoes to fill.

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