Sunday, September 13, 2009

LibDem caught in expenses row (and how he could have avoided it)

One LibDem MEP has been caught employing his girlfriend and then massively hiking her salary.

That is one reason why I have said that I will never employ a member of my family in any way shape or form. Even if this employment is totally legitimate, the salary is justified and she is working very hard for the money, then the public will still be suspicious because of the way it looks. Answer: be above board and look like you are above board by staying away from employing family* in this way.

*I am very aware that a girlfriend is not a relative as such, but apparently their relationship is well known and, to me, the same rules should apply.

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Jeff said...

Thanks for the link.

Yes, it's pretty clear the spirit of the rules was broken so it'll be interesing if a change is made to the arrangement, particularly as Nick Clegg is trying to position his Lib Dems as a cleaner, more trusted party than the Labour and Tory alternatives.

Not that they are the only alternatives north of the border of course ;)