Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The On-Line Campaign

If you don't often do so, please take a moment to browse my campaign website which includes all of my formal press releases and details of the local party. Latest stories include the future of the railways, NHS dentistry, welfare reform, expenses and Iraq.

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MisterB said...

Hey Antony,

I know this off-topic but I really want to know your thoughts on the recent Conservative leaflet in Town Close. I don't think it can be denied that the leaflet was deliberatly crafted to give the impression that Tak Man Li (who placed a creditable third in the County Council elections in May) had actually won.

I know the LibDems partake of these shenanigans all the time, and perhaps you could say that the voters must be used to it by now. You could also say that the leaflet avoided making any statements that were actually untrue. But surely any party, and any candidate, that sincerely wants to SERVE should be practising a deeper form of honesty than this. What do you think?