Friday, July 03, 2009

Norwich Station, Bus Station, Council Meeting, Teaching, Liam Fox MP, Leaflets, Blogging & Home

I have tried to describe the entire day in a single blog title; and thought I did rather well.

It was an early start because a team of us, including myself and newly-election Bowthorpe County Councillor Paul Wells, were helping with the Conservative transport survey. With the threat of nationalisation on the Norwich line and continued concerns over the buses it was aptly timed. We were with Chloe Smith, our by-election candidate, and also Angela Browning MP. Commuters were certainly keen to give their views on what should be done with a fair mix of opinions. From the train station it was off to the bus station; where things were much busier indeed!

By 8.30am I was at the Council Group Leader's meeting - the contents are confidential. However I do wish people who think that all politicans do is argue and bicker could see these meetings where we get a great deal of consenus about moving the City forward.

Some A Level teaching and a massive pile of references to write for my Year 11 leavers next, and then onto the City Centre again to meet with Shadow Defence Secretary Liam Fox MP to see the War Memorial. The War Memorial is not only the biggest disgrace in Norwich politics but lucily it stands as amassive eyesore to remind everyone of why we ought to get a move on and deliver a tribute to our veterans that is truly fitting. Dr Fox was pretty shocked at it, as are all visiting politicans when they see it. There was also an amusing aside when a couple recognised Liam and stopped for a chat - they were from Gordon Brown's Scottish constituency!

Back to school (avoiding the rain) and more work - then home to find box upon box of our new leaflets which focuses on thanking residents for their support in the local elections and reporting on the recent Cameron Direct event. Bundling leaflets whilst watching Andy Murray - well, more watching Murray than bundling to be honest! A team sort them out for deliverers and then we start shuttling them around. This is a job I like doing because it gives me a chance to meet and thank our hard working delivery team. We have dozens of people in each ward who do this job; not glamerous but vital and I like to make sure they know how appreciated they are. Friends and members keen to help always makes me feel better.

Finally home to do a mass blog (see below) about my week; I'd aimed to do them each night but that hasn't worked out so far! A big sleep needed tonight because we're off to help in the Norwich North by-election tomorrow!


Comrade said...

You didn't ask me my views at the train station this morning Antony....

Anonymous said...

Yes just what are your views comrade.?

Anonymous said...

How you do all this is beyond me. You are either superhuamn or do it all badly but nobody notices!! LOL