Saturday, July 04, 2009

My Saturday in Norwich

It was a glorious day in Norwich today and almost perfect campaigning weather; warm enough to be very pleasant but not so hot you collapse of heat exhausion.

The round-the-clock leafleting and door-knocking meant that our campaign team meetings have now been shifted to breakfast time. Somehow election planning was more pleasant when accompanied by coffee and eggs; a change we may have to keep even after the by-election!

And so the day began delivering Chloe's latest election offering to the good people in Hellesdon. Walking around and talking to local people you get the real sense that Hellesdon is ready to vote for change. Most people were Conservative supporters, but those who were not were quick to tell me that they wouldn't vote Labour. The overwhelming majority said they are yet to hear from any party other the Conservatives so far. Again the office was packed and there was a buzz about the campaign. It's a fun place to be at the moment and because of the weather (both politically and literally) there is a great sense of purpose and unity.

A sausage based lunch - and time for the Norwich South team to re-group - was the perfect time to swop canvass stories and discuss the issues that people were raising.

In the afternoon it was back to my own constituency - though my endeavours took me less than a couple of miles from where we had been in Norwich North. I wanted to speak to some residents who were having problems with permit parking (the abuse of, should I add) in their City Centre road. Despite cmplaints to both the council and to other parties nothing has been done. They were very appreciative of the time taken to visit them and some suggestions for moving forward.

I also stopped in to see a new party member who wanted to talk about how she could contribute to a Conservative victory at the next election! There's plenty to do on both sides of the City and lots to get involved in!

Finally a stop off to see some people about a planning application that has been made which could make life very difficult for them. This is a tough case - the current structure is unsightly and covered in grafitti (not great to live with) but the proposed new use could generate more use for the area and thus more cars and movement which they don't want either. The residents want a third solution, which would be good but isn't even on the table. They recognise the problem and realise the difficulty both they and the planners are in. This was one of those cases where I offered impartial advice on the pro's and con's and was clear and realistic about what would happen. I think people really appreciate honesty in such cases.

It was a fine day in a fine City!


Anonymous said...

The only time I see politicians, who come to my door offering me help,is when they need my help.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I ever had a Conservative candidate visit my house, the best I get is someone scurrying down our garden path having delivered a copy of "change". You see I live on a council estate.
Incidently I can find very little in "Change" other than Chloe's Pledge. nothing about her in depth views on Tory policies, or any other real veiws except critcism of of other parties, and the normal propaganda.
And presumably you would like us to vote for her.
I personally have no idea what she is about,other than her pledge on expenses.
what is her philosophy on life.
We just can't vote blindly anymore.It is not what you tell us that worries me, It what you dont tell us.

Anonymous said...

I got my copy of CHANGE today and got utterly bored by page 2 - and I am interested in politics!! This was long, wordy, expensive and utterly unnecessary. Come on Tories - the LibDem leaflets (full of spin though they are) are more readable than yours.

Anonymous said...

I made one of thr detrimental comments above about "The Chance." so being a fair person I probably ought to say something about about the Labour campaign.
Today We received three letters delivered by Royal Mail, from Labour on behalf of Chris Ostrowski. I commented about their being very little content in the "Chance" well there is even less in the labour trash.
And to be quite honest this has began to worry me.
With the country being in a terrible mess socially, financially and every other aspect you care to mention.
This job now is of the utmost importance.
And to be quite honest as a Norwich North voter. There's no one with what you would call any serious experience.
Everything would appear to be being done in a very amateurish nature.
And one final thing the the three letters delivered on behalf of Chris Ostrowski, had the correct addresses on the envelope but the names were just a mixture of letters that didn't spell anything at all.
We are really in one big mess.
I am getting more disillusioned with every day that passes.
I think the only "Hope" we have is the leader of the Monster Raving Looney Party.

Anonymous said...

Tonight someone came scurrying down my garden path qickly pushed a single page paper through my door and then made a hasty exit. Was it a further update of the 'Chance' the Conservative newsletter, no nothing so exciting as that, this time it is Chris Ostrowski Catton Grove today. (bit strange really as I don't live in Catton Grove) But similar to the 'chance' it has nothing on it that could possibly encourage me to vote for Labour.
But then again what should I have expected when newLabour are just a clone of the conservative party.
I can't wait for the Lib Dem paper to come, or maybe it has been delivered and I didn't see it,it could now be in the recycling bin with the other two.I am beginning to think I wont bother to vote. (Nothing changes)