Sunday, November 30, 2008

How much more evidence do the LibDems need before they admit ... Huhne would have been better

LibDem Leader Nick Clegg was sold to the political world as a great communicator and a media star but has turned out to be gaffe prone and, at times, very very foolish.

The news today that he was overheard by a Mirror hack having a good old pop at his own frontbench team raises 2 basic questions; why would you have that sort of conversation on any commerical airline in front of people, let alone a journalist? Secondly why both thinking about reshuffling the deckchairs on the LibDem titanic when you only have a handful of MPs to take the jobs? You may hate X, Y and Z but they'll all end up serving on the frontbench beause there is no other talent to replace them.

I'm sure that many people might be asking another question; why on earth didn't we vote for Huhne?

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Anonymous said...

Well never mind... the Lib Dems have gained 3 council seats off the Tories in the past fortnight after all, so they can't be that bad