Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Another LibDem policy for the bonfire

I note, with only a smallish wry smile, that the publicity desperate LibDems has a piece in the Evening News (not online) attacking supermarkets such as Tesco and Waitrose who do a 2for1 offer on fireworks, calling them irresponsible and encouraging people to use more fireworks than they need.

Of course, any real liberal understands that it is the people who missue fireworks who are to blame rather than those who sell them. If we restricted sales of things that annoy people or are bad for us, fireworks would be much further down a rather long list. We have managed to put on a modest and very responsible firework display tonight, and did so thanks to a supermarket 2for1 promotion; something that the LibDems don't want me to do. I mention this because freedoms and liberties of people are being eroded in more ways than just 42days and ID cards. The LibDems, ironically, and the Greens lead the charge in doing this.

But there is also the wider point; would the LibDems oppose 2for1 food promotions because they encourage people to buy more than they need? Or just on products, such as chocolate, because they are bad for you? Where does this sort of attitude ever end?

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