Sunday, February 27, 2005

There is nothing that I enjoy more than scrutiny of the Lib Dem policy positions – where, that is, they have them. Today both the BBC and the News of the World take tomorrow’s LibDem Budget to task. The LibDems have so few policies – just council tax, Iraq and erm, that’s it really – to speak of that it is difficult to pin them down. They say things like “we want better schools” but fail to mention how they’ll achieve it. Soft words won’t get you very far, Mr Kennedy. Either that or their policy statements are in direct contradiction – for example, being against binge drinking whilst cutting the age of drinking down to 16. Strange, really. Most fun is the analysis of the Local Income Tax (LIT). True, pensioners would (some of them) be better off, but what of hard working families, with two incomes or maybe more, who are hit hardest? The LibDems want pensioners and the unemployed to benefit whilst the young and families suffer. All very good fun picking holes in the LibDems, but as the NotW say … they haven’t got a pray. Either nationally or in Norwich.

Am spending the day working on our latest campaign (possibly the last before an election), to be launched in the middle of the week. Have had lunch at the Trafford with friends and then my parents are up this evening.

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