Saturday, February 26, 2005

A good day out canvassing ruined … at least by rain rather than snow! We had a productive time on the doorsteps of first the Golden Triangle then Town Close. When the skies opened we retreated and telephone canvassed for the afternoon – with particularly good results in New Costessey.

Best ‘phone conversation of the day: The women who demanded that we knocked on her door rather than phoned before saying she only wanted me to call so that she could say that she wasn’t voting for anybody!

Best doorstep of the day (or the Antony Little reminder that letters to the press do matter): A gentleman who had read a letter in today’s Evening News from a LibDem attacking Labour, said it was far too negative and was back to voting Labour. Shame, I thought I might have been in with a chance there!

Got home to find a letter from Michael Howard encouraging me to vote by post (that was one of nearly 10,000 sent out) – thought it was very well written. During the week, roughly 8,000 letters were sent out to senior citizens making them aware of our new policy to cut up to £500 off their council tax bill. We are really touching base with a lot of voters at the moment.

Last month we delivered another 25,000 surveys and I got into the office to find the first 1,000 responses stacked up for me to read. Plus the next load of Matters leaflets that have been printed. Plus 20,000 leaflets from Campaign HQ. We really are dealing with a lot of paper at the moment! If it wasn’t for the good cause of getting rid of Labour and Blair I’d be upset about it!

Also in today’s paper was a good bit about the traffic light problems on Queens Road – plus have been phoned by a journo about the problems with traffic around Trafford Road. Been a productive day all around, I’d say.

Spending this evening out for a curry on Magdalen Street (wife is now 2 days overdue and getting fed up) then working on the Tories new Sports Proposals.

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