Saturday, February 19, 2005

The dining room has been turned upside down and the computer unplugged this week so that I can paint the walls and ceiling. Nice shade of green! It has been half term and quite a week too. Louise is now a few days from her due date and we’ve really been working hard on the campaign.

This afternoon we braved the snow to go to a meeting with the Ellacombe Carers Association in Thorpe Hamlet to talk about Labour’s closure plans. They are a group of some of the passionate people I have met and you have to admire their fighting spirit – 1,500 names on their petition and growing. Led by the wonderful Rita Stevens, the group should win their fight on caring alone. We are offering them our support and will e publishing their petition on all Matters leaflets. If you want to add your name, e-mail

In the meantime, we’ve been on the doorsteps in Town Close, Eaton, New Costessey and Nelson – plus phone canvassing in Cringleford, Wensum, Mancroft and Lakenham. Huge boost to campaign funds too this week as our members continue to astound me with their vigour and generosity.

On the national scene, I feel Howard has had good hits this week on Immigration, Pensions and Health – plus today also on Special Schools. Poor Blair on the other hand has been caught up in the Livingstone row. All I can say is that I wonder how the media and the government would have reacted if a Tory had said it!

Tonight we’re welcoming a friend back from working abroad. Be seeing you!

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