Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Sorry for the long delay in posting, and thank you to all those who check regularly! It would take a heck of a long post to explain why - house moving crisis! Still, to keep you going, a press release from today:

Conservatives drive for NDR questionnaires to be returned

Norwich Conservatives are using their organisation to push for local people to return their questionnaire on the Northern Distributor Route (NDR).

Thousands of questionnaires landed on doormats today, aiming to find out which route was most popular. Last time 78% of people said they wanted the NDR but were split on where to site it.

Conservative Spokesman Antony Little is leading the drive, which will see an e-mail and web campaign – plus leaflets – top encourage a high return rate. Antony said: “It is vital that people return this questionnaire. This could have far reaching affects on our City, especially areas such as Thorpe Hamlet and New Costessey.”

“Only with a high return rate can this massive consultation exercise mean anything.”

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