Sunday, November 28, 2004

Despite all the rushing around this weekend has felt really relaxed. On Saturday we had a really big action day out in New Costessey. For some reason, this rather nice suburban area of Norwich has become known as a LibDem stronghold, but it certainly didn’t live up to that reputation! We had 12 people out canvassing and covered some big areas. Interestingly enough, as we get nearer the election the Labour vote seems to be hardening up again, with the LibDems suffering. Worryingly there were a large number of “won’t votes” out there too. Got a few more poster sites and deliverers so came back feeling tired but happy!

Sunday has so far been dominated by “shoe shopping” (an experience I endure roughly twice a year and hate on each occasion) and marking yet more GCSE coursework. It is starting to ruin my life!

Interest poll in most of today’s papers says that two thirds of people expect tax to rise under Labour. I’m just surprised it’s not nearer to 99%…

p.s. Now getting really angry with gamecube

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