Friday, November 19, 2004

I have just had the first figures back from the hits on – my new campaigning website – and it looks very, very good. A very positive piece in yesterday’s Evening News has clearly helped, plus a giant e-mail out to supporters too!

I am afraid that campaigning is getting the boot for tonight – am absolutely shattered despite is only being around 4pm and need to go home, crawl up and sleep for hours on end. Coming down with something too!

To keep you up-to-date, I went to a governors meeting last night, but spent a slightly more dull couple of hours monitoring the traffic in Norwich to see if the changes had made a difference to the late-night-shopping chaos. Pleasingly it clearly had! Though I’m sure nobody will thank the County Council for seeing a problem and acting quickly.

Wednesday I went to the Bowthorpe Community Partnership. Always a fun evening because (apart from the people who go) it is always a chance for some honest, robust debate about where the community is going. Despite pushing and pushing for action on the roads in Three Score, the police are still concerned that nothing will be achieved. When visiting a friend in Tizzick Close, Three Score, we went for a walk to find road blockage points – points where either the road is too narrow or cars are parked so that, say, ambulances and fire engines couldn’t get through. Around just the new section of Bowthorpe we found six blocks! Why is nothing being done?!?

So, home to a rather warm duvet…

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