Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I am afraid that this week has so far been dominated by some very, very, VERY boring things. That includes moving house stuff, attempting buy Christmas presents, a draft budget for the General Election, details to do with the website design, a last minute cover (thank you, Mrs Paton), lots of meetings and my desire to actually finish one of my gamecube games.

However, I fully intend to use this very public medium to set out my stall on the key national issue of Morrisons.

Now, they say that a dissatisfied customers tells 9 others ... get ready you nine.

We usually shop at Sainsbury's in New Costessey. However, we thought that we would give Morrisons a go. Everything fine up until now. Then, having paid and left (all okay so far), we discovered that our tub of low fat tomato and something-cheese flavoured sauce had exploded. So, off marches our Tory hero to the customer services desk. Only to find one very under siege young lady with 5 angry looking customers waiting. Fearing leaving my heavily pregnant wife standing in the car park for too long, I asked the lady on the kiosk if she could call anybody else to help on customer services given the queue. "No," replied the ever-so-helpful young lady, "that's not my job, I'm in charge of the kiosk." I could see that, I replied, but all she had to do was call for somebody else to come and help. Still getting nowhere, I endeavoured to find a service manager. Ah, there's one by the lettuces! So off I go - could she help me? "No," replied the even-younger-young-lady "you have to deal with customer services." In desperation I go back to customer services where the still same 5 people were still waiting in the queue. Finally I dumped the exploded pot of sauce and purchased a whole new one myself.

So, which one of Morrisons 100 reasons to shop there was the friendly customer services...

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