Sunday, November 07, 2010

Ridiculous Claims Pt. 133

Most people in politics really dislike LibDem campaigning tactics; and of all of them, the way that they claim to be able to win in every ward, division, council or constituency in the country irrespective of the previous results, is the biggest irritant. Bar charts being flung here and there - if you stats don't prove your point, use a dodgy scale that will or even in some cases use stats from a completely different area!

But now I think the mantle for bonkers claims of electoral success should be handed onto the Green Party. With their massive tally of ... erm ... 1 MP they are now predicting big gains in the Scottish Parliament including winning seats in every region (see here). Most people in the country aren't even bothered by the Greens but here in Norwich we've had years upon years of idiotic claims of them about to make an historic breakthrough (that never happen). Be it the parliamentary seat or the local council, there is no claim too big for them to make.


Matt said...

Oh, dear. It all started so well, back in the days when I joined the then Ecology Party.

Then at my first party conference was when I realised that a lot of Green Party members did not want power, because with power comes responsibility, and they didn't really want responsibility for anything, thankyousoverymuch!

At that conference a Telegraph journalist said: "I thought the last Liberal Party conference was missing some if its more, shall we say, 'entertaining' delegates. Now I know why. They are all here. They joined the Ecology Party!"

Then I met one of the party's first elected councillors who whined that "people in my ward are only interested in unimportant issues! You know, I had one man knocking on my door complaining about being made homeless!"

He saw the look on my face and stopped talking. Resisting the urge to scream at him, I said quietly: "I dare say homelessness is a pretty important issue. Especially to the homeless."

Then there was the fix on the vote over the name change from The Ecology Party to The Green Party.

Then there was the disgraceful way dedicated members were treated by the uber-green Mafia, and I resigned from my position of branch chairman and never bothered to renew my membership.

It left a bad taste in the mouth.

I wonder? People who remained in the Green Party then, having seen the dirty and disgusting way their personal friends were treated, were either very thick skinned or they were part of the problem and not part of the solution.

Mr John Cooper said...

If you polish up your political history you'll find this is a far from outrageous claim.

At the first Scottish parliament elections, with no green councillors or anything like that, Robin Harper was returned as Green MSP for the Lothians. The first Green elected to a parliament in the UK

The second elections brought more success when 7 MSPs were returned around Scotland, while not one in every constituency still a large portion of the country was supported by a green

The third saw a consolidation of a central 'Green' belt of Scotland when representation fell to two MSPs (this was in part due to an election focussed on SNP / Labour battles meaning people less generous with considering other parties).

So they could deliver a green to every part of Scotland and what a beautiful moment that would be

With Regards


James Mackenzie said...

You do know that the Greens in the Scottish Parliament elected MSPs to six out of eight regions in 2003? We were squeezed in 2007 when the Lib Dems were still credible, so getting one in each region is entirely plausible.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the direct mail your party of which you were leader of at the time put out in the Norwich Elections. Apparently the Lib Dems couldn't win in Eaton

Antony said...

Anon; only 2 errors within a 4 line post so not bad. Firstly I was not Leader - I ceased to be Leader on 5 July 2010 when I was removed from the council. Secondly I have now read through all of the literature again and cannot find any reference this. Prove it or we'll assume you are trolling.

Billy said...

I have heard quite clearly that they actually believe their hype - they went into the Norwich South Gen elec count briefing the press for a Green win or a very close 2nd - and we all know a poor 4th - 3000 behind you Tony - and in the September by-elections - where sadly you left the council (sorry to rub it in) they really expected to take control of the City, and had again briefed the press - they were shocked at the results. They must believed what you said back in August - Green win in University, Sewell and somewhere else.