Monday, November 08, 2010

Oldham East & Saddleworth by-election: First Dodgy Bar Chart Spotted!

... and I am thrilled to say that the LibDems have given us our first dodgy bar chart of the new "dodgy bar chart season" (i.e. a parliamentary by-election). Even though we haven't even got a date for the Oldham seat vacated by former Labour MP Phil Wollas, this gem has appeared on their website. Notice how the Conservatives don't even get a bar? Wow! They must be so far behind they don't even warrant the extra graphic or ink on the page. Surely those honest souls at the LibDems aren't trying to cover something up are they ...

Phil Woolas Labour 14,186 31.9 -10.7
Elwyn Watkins Liberal Democrat 14,083 31.6 -0.5
Kashif Ali Conservative 11,773 26.4 +8.7

Gosh. Would you believe it - a three way marginal seat where the Tory vote rose considerably and the LibDem vote went down in 2010! I would never have been able to tell that from the bar chart ... thank goodness for Google. I'm sure the LibDems wouldn't want to mislead people either, so no doubt this little error will be cleared up soon ...

Come on LibDems, this election is being held in the interest of clean and fair elections. Maybe your campaign ought to reflect that too?


Eastmidlands Nationalist said...

Same old Lib Dems, nothing changes! lets hope theyt come a distant 3rd in the by election

Anarchist Socialist said...

I find that a lot of election material which comes through my door has in the past been intentionally misleading.
All parties are guilty of it so its not just the Lib Dems who are involved in such an enterprise.
Quite frankly, this is exactly the behaviour which turns people off politics.

It was misleading you could argue when your local leaflets featured Norwich Conservatives campaigning against the closure of the Essex and Silver Rooms and failed to mention it was the Conservatives at County Hall who were proposing the closure.

The same can be said for Labour leaflets, Greens and Lib Dems at times. Just to prove the point that I am not taking a party political stand on the issue.

Tea Drinker said...

In refering to Anarchist Socialist's post - could you say that misleading election material does lead to greater political apathy?