Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Political Betting vs. The Independent

I urge you to read this demolishion of the Independent's headline story today by PB.com, which goes to prove why it is the leading political website. Excellent article and, of course, spot-on. It's just a good job so few people read the Indy. I used to be a daily reader of the paper but things like this remind me why I quit it last year. I did phone up the Indy to tell them why I was ceasing my subscription and they really didn't care one way or the other - amassing losses clearly mean nothing to them.


Anonymous said...

You are right about the Indy, it has been a complete disgrace for several years and I for one will not miss it if it ceases printing.
The comments on your Broadland story show that you have your opponents rattled. Keep up the good work but watch the spelling. 'Demolition'is the noun you need.
Floating Voter

Anonymous said...

Good points on Independent.

However worried about many George Osborne's policies on selling bank shares cheap, inheritance scraping for the rich, yet targeting public sector for butchery.