Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back The Evening News "End The Indignity" Campaign

Today the Evening News has launched its "End the Indignity" campaign. The cases of our some of our most vulnerable people being given medical treatment in what amounts to little better than a cupboard has shocked a large number of people. The management of the N&N need to suspend this practice immediately and have a full review determining how this came about. They dignity of these patients is worth more than the bureuacracy of the NHS.

The Evening News is showing why we need a strong, vibrant, independent press who can rally local people behind important cases such as this. They deserve all our support.

You can read more about the campaign here.


Red Star said...

Perhaps we could also show our support against the Tory County Council cuts to Day Care Centres.

I noticed that in the latest leaflet you delivered you failed to mention who runs the County Council. I wonder why that was? Is it because its embarrasing to you as a Tory PPC for Norwich South?

Antony said...

Red Star - you seem to have the same IP Address as another poster on here. Are you by any chance related?

Perhaps you didn't read my last (January) leaflet which did exactly as you suggsted and campaign against the day care closures. I have knocked on doors, had posters displayed and collected signatures.

Red Star said...

Dear Antony. Thank you for responding to my comment.

My criticism is that as a PPC you are highlighting an issue which is impacting on Norwich (which any PPC would do) however you fail to mention it is the Conservative party's policy at Norfolk County Council to do so. You cannot blame Labour for wanting to close the day care centers in Norwich.

So is it fair to say there is a disagreement between yourself and the County Council Tories or do you share the same views? Yes or No?