Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blogger set for council bid?

Rumours are that Nich Starling - he of NorfolkBlogger fame - is set to contest the Taverham North by-election set to be held on 18th March. Nich is a former Councillor from North Norfolk and seemed to enjoy being free of council responsibilities and now, if true, he is set for a rollercoaster of elections with this election leading into the next General Election. Strangely I haven't heard about a Conservative candidate yet, but it seems the Greens are putting up - nothing from Labour.

The result last time (taking top results) was Conservatives 497, Lib Dems 344 & Independent 295.


Red Star said...

At least its not Iain Dale who is going to be the Tory candidate.

He is a hopeless failure in all respects of Politics. Remember North Norfolk 2005?

Antony said...

But he does run a very good blog indeed.

Anonymous said...

Iain Dale standing in Taverham North? now that would be interesting.

Thorpe Marriott awaits the DVDs thru their doors with baited breath

Red Star said...

Who is the Green candidate?

Looking forward to finding out who the Tory candidate is.

Antony, do you think Labour will also run in this by-election?

Historically Labour doesn't do well in local elections in Taverham.