Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh it's such a perfect day!

Yesterday must count as pretty much an ideal day for me. It started badly - with a live mouse being deposited (the third in a week) in my kitchen by my large ginger tom cat - but got progressivly better.

Firstly was the badly needed hair cut at Graham's in Grove Road. Graham, aside from giving a great cut, is also the font of knowledge and gossip in the area - he knows what is going on and is always willing to let me know what people are thinking locally.

From there I went for coffee in The Forum with my friend Brandon Lewis - the next MP for Great Yarmouth. We have, in some ways, similar seats to fight so we like to share tips and advice for campaigning. By lunchtime we were out leafleting and meeting people in Eaton Village.

During the heat of the afternoon it was time for gardening and playing with the kids; including a hosepipe!

And then by the early evening back out leafleting and speaking to residents.

I got in trouble a few years back for suggesting that teacher's waste their holidays by relaxing rather than planning lessons and the like. I am willing to risk it again; yesterday was very productive, very relaxed - bring on the summer!

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