Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Daily Mirror: A waste of paper and ink

Whilst trapped inside of a soft-play centre during a rainy time I was forced (i.e. boredom drove me to) to read all of the newspapers on offer. It included my staple diet of the Evening News and EDP, plus also a few titles I hadn't read in a long, long time.

I was deeply shocked by the Daily Mirror; aside from being badly written and utterly misguided, it seems to have totally missed the point. Luckily the whole newspaper took me less than 2 minutes to "read". The political stories were laughable; I didn't think anybody or anything could still support this government like the Mirror does. I was told about "desperate Cameron" who was "trying to con people into thinking he could be trusted with the NHS"; this wasn't in the opinions page or the letters page, this was the news stories!! The Paul Routledge column actually made me double-take it was so out-of-touch; we need more proper socialists writing this stuff because, God knows, with this government in power we need a laugh. The headlines make The Sun look rational and the choice of celebrity gossip was, frankly, second class indeed.

The whole content and structure of the paper lacked anything approaching clarity. It was devoid of a single interesting article. I understand that I am part of the Telegraph faithful, but I cannot stand the Daily Mail and have more and more been taken with the Indy (which, although it contains little to no news, always has something worth reading), and so the Mirror probably isn't designed with me in mind. But even so, is this really the best they can do?


Nich Starling - Norfolk Blogger (not logged in) said...

it is no different to The Sun or The Daily Star. However, it is not as offensive as the Mail. Their disgusting article the other day quiting incorrect figures on iummigration and unemployment is now being used in a BNP press release.

Antony said...

Hi Nich; I totally agree with you with regards to The Mail, though a certain lady-in-my-life does like it for the non-political content and so it does get bought in our house. The Star isn't worthy of the name of a newspaper but the Sun is at leats better written, more relevant and (dare I say it) more politically balanced than the Mirror.