Saturday, June 13, 2009

Norwich North: And so it begins ...

People have said, of late, this it is now the Conservatives who have the best by-election team and how impressive the efforts were; notably in Crewe and Henley. Today I spent the afternoon leafleting for Chloe Smith in the City as part of the pre-campaign work. And boy was I amazed.

Now I have known our HQ in the Christ Church Centre for a lot of years; through the good years and the bad ones, but I have never known it like this. There was a great buzz; a feeling that we are doing to do very well, obviously, but it was well organised with good literature and a great sense of unity amongst party workers. Loads of people were in and out through the day - a quick turnaround, but we still felt very suppprted as activists. We've certainly stolen the march on the opposition because as they are squabbling and picking candidates we are busy addressing the key issues.

Well done to the CCHQ staff who have pulled together an amazing job very quickly and also to the hundreds of activists who are there this weekend, including my own team from Norwich South. Anyone who wonders what happens to our subs when it goes into CCHQ just needs to look at the quality of our by-election work.

I intend to blog as much of the campaign as I can, but from this start I don't think anyone or anything can catch Chloe Smith - she's round the first bend before the others are out of the blocks!


James.R.Skinner said...

good luck in it too. We need change in this country, and we need conservatives such as you to make that change.

Linden said...

Best of luck - I really hope Labour can be beaten.

I will, of course, be campaigning with the Norwich Lib Dem team, starting next week.

Anonymous said...

i can only assume the above person wants to return to the selfish attitudes that begot thatcher and does not realise that the tories have not changed