Sunday, June 07, 2009

Conservatives beat Labour AND LibDems in Norwich Euro Election!

I have just got back from the most amazing count.

The results of the European Election in Norwich have been declared, with the senational news that the Conservatives have defeated both the Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

The top line results were:
Conservative 6329
Labour 6045
LibDem 5409
UKIP 4449
Greens 9039

This is a fantastic result and shows that our hard work and campaigning locally, and the work of David Cameron and the European Conservative candidates, has really paid off. The Conservatives have beaten both Labour and the LibDems and puts us in a really good position to challenge Charles Clarke at the next general election. This is real votes being cast locally and it puts the Conservatives as real challengers. Obviously the Greens topped the poll - again - but I believe that will be different come a General Election. This news should worry Charles Clarke, but it should worry the 4th place LibDems a lot more!


Anonymous said...

Norwich South is a 3 horse race IMO between you Antony, Charles Clarke and Adrian Ramsay with the weaker LD vote being split 3 ways, after realising their PPC is a weak candidate and won't win.

MisterB said...

I agree with the other comment. The Labour vote will come back a bit in a higher General Election turnout, and some of the UKIP vote will come back to the Conservatives. The Greens will certainly be a force to be reckoned with, but the LibDems look utterly finished.

Anonymous said...

That massive Green vote shows that the big parties really need to embrace the Climate Change agenda if they are to get anywhere in Norwich - and the voters can see through Greenwash

Antony said...

What an interesting question anon - I might make it a full blog post.

Did people vote Green because they deeply care about Greens issues, CC etc.

Or did they vote as a protest or against the main 3 parties?

Do people KNOW what they endorse when they vote Green?

Anonymous said...

People vote Green because they are the only viable left wing party at the moment.