Thursday, June 18, 2009

Clegg humiliated in Norwich?

Following in David Cameron's footsteps by visiting Norwich this week, LibDem chief Nick Clegg did a webchat with EDP readers before his public meeting in Hellesdon.

Bearing in mind that the Evening News said that Cameron left "Norwich wanting more" and was "warmly welcomed", it must be an IT glitch that meant Nick Clegg only got 2 members of the public to submit questions on his Webchat.

Click here to see what you think, but it is sad that the EDP newsdesk had to make up the numbers asking questions. It must either be an error on the website, or Clegg may as well do door knocking himself - he'll speak to more people that way!


James.R.Skinner said...

I fail to see how this will make a difference to LibDem support. They have nothing new to offer to the electorate from what they did in previous elections, and a simple webchat is not going to change this.

Comrade said...

It's just as well your headline is phrased as a question.

The answer is "no"

If you want to get into that kind of debate we will have to start adding up the minutes Clegg & Cameron were in Norwich and/or the total number of questions answered.