Sunday, April 13, 2008

Norwich City Council: UEA Students need not apply

Every now and again you hear of a story so sad that it explains why so few people give up their time for local democracy.

I have just spoken to a resident who lives in Eaton and who had been canvassed by the Liberal Democrats for the election. On telling the canvasser that he was voting Conservative, she told him not to vote for "the student" and he was "21 and would leave soon".

Apart from the fact that UEA Student and Conservative candidate Niall Baxter has made Norwich his home, including finding a house and a job, it is really rude and patronising to suggest that UEA students cannot be councillors and fully contribute to their adopted-home City.

Maybe this LibDem canvasser - actually, a very senior Councillor as it happens - thinks I should never have stood? Maybe she doesn't want UEA Students to stand full stop ... I wonder what UEA Students who are currently having their votes courted by the LibDems would think of this?

We already know that the LibDems have a problems with teachers serving as Councillors - they made that quite clear (see here), but now they are ruling out students too. Maybe they want civic responsibility to be the preserve of the wealthy middle class housewives with a lot of time on their hands?

We need a diverse council representing our whole City - students, teachers, young, old, black, white, male and female. I am proud of all of our candidate; I just wonder why the LibDems can't be more positive and honest in their campaigning?

Actually, I think this shows how much they are running scared at the moment - I hope the people of Eaton see through this shabby, shallow trick and the student voters around Norwich now know who isn't worthy of their support.


Anonymous said...

Personally I have no problem with talented UEA students standing as city councillors, or teachers standing. Indeed it must be welcomed. I do suspect however there is a void of calibre between yourself Antony with Adrian Ramsay, and the calibre of Niall that is likely to reflect in Mays election in Eaton. I think Niall will find similar issues he experienced and was defeated in University although receiving a protest vote of the LibDems and I wish him luck for his persistents. Niall might not benefit from Norwich Conservatives playing the student card against LibDems. Eaton should be relatively close between Greens, Conservative and LDs as I see it.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine lives in Eaton and is a Labour Party member. She was canvassed by Lubbocks and found her behaviour quite frankly unbelivable.

She went from thinking twice about backing Labour this time to becoming a strong Labour supporter again!

The more Lubbocks canvasses the more votes she loses.

Anonymous said...

The Liberal Democrats are desperate to keep hold of Eaton and will use every dirty trick and tactic in the book to do so.
I have spoken to Nial a couple times round the university campus, he's nice and an extremely intelligent guy an asset to the Norwich Conservative Party. However, with not much to really campaign on the Liberals were always going to focus on the fact he's a student in the hope they could scare some potential Tory voters away. The Labour Party aren't any better either! seem to be doing the same in Wensum up against the lovely Ruth Makoff a fight they are going lose pretty easily.


Anonymous said...

A rich bit of humbug as usual for Mr Little. After all in your blog you attack the green candidate for Town close as being unknown, well he was recently a student in York.

Anonymous said...

"We already know that the LibDems have a problems with teachers serving as Councillors"

What utter tosh, you didn't attend a single meeting but had be taking your allowances I assume.

If you can't make a committee don't put your self forward for it.

Anonymous said...

Well yesterday I put X for Nicki George; because I want to spank Labour big time, to give them a reality check.

Local people have suffered from the labour movement in the last 9 months.

I can't sell by house, 10% down on value
Tax 10% abolition, no compensation.
Food costs up 10%
Fuel costs up 10% Petrol, Diesel, Gas, Electricity.
Police costs up 8% (£1 million not compenated by governemt on failed amalgamation issue, Bacton fund withdrawal)
Council tax up 4%
Pay up only 2.5
Not enough on local road signs, street cleaning, grafitti, litter, flytipping.

Labour supporter spanking its own!

Antony said...

Thanks for your support Anon.

And I didn't attack the Green candidate I asked why there were so few personal details about him. I have no idea where he lives, works etc. If you think that is an attack you haven't been in politics for long enough!

Anonymous said...

As predicted Brenda got spanked in Bowthorpe, sell by date arrived I think?? A cultural loss and long service to Bowthorpe. Well won Nikki George, fresh vision, the door to door, hit the key issues and letters sent. The personal touch counts. 3/3 in Bowthorpe over 3 years.

Niall as predicted, University II. A higher calibre candidate like Dave Mackie might have won this seat IMO.

Anonymous said...

Bit late to comment, but I'm a UEA student and a local councillor (not Norwich) and I have no problem in either capacity. Most of the people I meet and speak to are extremely supportive and encouraging; they are pleased that young people are involved in politics at all.