Monday, April 07, 2008

Bizarre Tax Changes

Thanks to Brown's last budget I, as a middle manager and teacher on post-threshold pay, am significantly better off because of his tax changes.

Thank you, Mr Brown.

However, my wife, as a part time primary school teacher, is significantly worse off.

Together I think we do end up better off, but why? Why is the lower income earner hit whilst my tax goes down? And why if income taxes are to fall should they do so on us?

This was a topic of conversation in school today; a lot of the teachers were much better off whilst many of our support staff colleagues - admin, cleaners and dinnerladies - were down in the dumps. Many of them swearing they won't vote labour on 1st May.


Anonymous said...

Yopu are only just realising this!!!

Us Lib Dems said so at the time and ever since Brown last budget.

Total disgrace. (Brown that is)

Anonymous said...

I'm a little surprised this has only just come out now.

When Gordon and Darling scrapped the 10% tax bracket, this was the largest income cut and most devaluing of any part-time or lower paid school staff.

Its unethical and poverty money with high increases in the cost of living, fuel and food.

Anonymous said...

It's really quite bizarre, I'm better off but lower paid are worse off due to the change in the 10% tax band and higher paid colleagues are worse off because of the change in the upper NI threshold! It just doesn't make any sense at all...yet another example of Brown's dithering?

BTW You are not to bring any drink of whatsoever nature on Saturday night!

Anonymous said...

It's enough to make me defect (at last)

Have just joined another party online

Anonymous said...

I notice the Conservatives weren't so vocal about this tax cut until now. Political opportunism at it's most shameless by a party that has increased indirect non-income assessed taxation in it's last administration no end, scoring points against a morally bankrupt New Labour Party.

A further indicator of all three parties descending into a frantic frenzy for the votes of a tiny slither of middle class floating voters in marginal consitituencies.

Anonymous said...

This is called triangulation. C**p on your core supporters whilst giving free money to the Mail reading mittelstand who've formed part of the Labour election-winning coalition.

Do the Tories really care though? I suspect, while the ethereal editors of ConHome et al may put together denunciations of it, a lot of their commenters (and Tory activists) are rubbing their hands at a tax cut, and hang the social consequences.

What do the TPA say?

Anonymous said...

Why didn't they vote for the amendment in Parliment, take accountability for your party Ant. They have let you down on this issue as much as the Gov.

Anonymous said...

My gut feeling is Labour are going to feel a real backlash in their core backyards from voters in the May local elections, on the doorstep, over the 10% tax band abolition. Many in Larkman and Bowthorpe, Clover Hill, Wendene are going to vent their displeasure over life income down, expenses and debt up.

c/o Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling

Anonymous said...

Yes the lower paid are getting clobbered by brown and his tax hike.

Strange silence from the Greens, but then their policy as passed by their conference is for a 35% lower rate of income tax. Wonder why that is hidden away in boring policy document on their website and not prominent in their leaflets?