Sunday, April 06, 2008

Anyone got an answer?

I have just been passed this email from Niki George, our candidate for Bowthorpe, who recieved it from a constituent. This is not the first person to mention this - in fact I had a resident wave his card at me whilst out canvassing yesterday.

This moring I received my free bus pass in the post from the Cuty Council, a bit late maybe but no real issues with that. What is concerning me is the apperent free blantant advertising of the Labour party within the design.

Not only the red ribbon but also the red rose in the top left corner, it might be argued that this is just a design, but in my view it is too close the the labour colours and motiff to be anything else but advertising the labour party.

Is the delay in bring these cards out so close to the local elections anything to do with the so called logo or am I being cinical (nothing unusual in that), I take this logo and design extreamly personal I am concerned that money has been wasted yet again, and has this money been spent illegally on pre advertising prior to the elections.

Anybody know how or why this rose got there? If it isn't for something specific then Labour have some real questions to answer. Already they are in trouble for launching a massive government advertising blitz - on Safer Neighbourhood Teams and tougher immigration rules - in the lead up to the election. This could be serious.


Andreas Paterson said...

This is an English buss pass so red ribbon, in this case, is supposed to represent the cross of St. George, the rose is also considered a quinessentially English symbol.

The design has been known about since the 30th May 2007 when the consultation on the pass was issued. Your party would have had plenty of time to object if it though the design was too overtly political.

Given that political parties tend to opt for fairly common symbols for their logos, this seems to be just coincidence and a few Tories causing an unnecessary strop.

Antony said...

Actually the voter who raised it yesterday voted labour last year and i cannot speak for our emailing friend, so it isn't just a "tory issue".