Monday, October 01, 2007

Political Lesson No. 144: Another danger associated with giant novelty cheques

Sometimes there are moment in politics so wonderfully amusing you wished that the rest of the population found it as funny as you do.

A little birdie tells me that the LibDems distributed a leaflet during Freshers Week at UEA, including a front page photo of a beeming LibDem PPC handing over a giant novelty cheque to a student showing how much coulod be saved with some LibDem policy or another.

The only problem is that this student was a member of the LibDems when the photo was taken but has since quit the party in total disgust at the way in which it has been run locally. His fury was apparently legendary and his certainly made his presence felt as he slammed the door shut on his membership.

How lovely for him to know that his erstwhile support for the LibDems lives on in photo form. I wonder if he is happy with this, or is it that (as was suggested to me) the LibDems have few photos to select for their leaflets because people won't be photographed with their candidate for Norwich South?

On the eve of a possible election the LibDem campaign seems to have melted before it was even formed.

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