Saturday, October 06, 2007

A Leader in Trouble...

No, surprisingly not Gordon. Tonight's YouGov poll for the Sunday Times is pretty dramatic - showing a 3 percent lead for David Cameron, turning around his party's polling position. However the really interesting figure isn't the 41-38 Conservative-Labour figure but the woefully low 11% (yes, eleven percent!!!) for the LibDems.

Now that the yellow peril have some time before any election I wonder how long before Sir Ming gets a visit from the men in grey suits? This doddery old fool is dragging down his party day after day, and yet amusingly the sheepdog loyalty of his party (and bloggers) keeps him in post even when public confidence in him is through the floor.

Everytime a LibDem blogger bleats on about Sir Ming's good points it makes me smile because it helps ensure he stays in place and continues their decline.

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Anonymous said...

The Liberal Vote is in meltdown. This is because of Ming, Iraq and competition on green/tax policies.

Ming, Age is not a problem. Ming just lacks the X charisma factor Paddy Ashdown had. Ming never had Zing! Ming has focused overly on Iraq, and most people see Blair gone and Iraq resolving with troop withdrawals/reduction. The issue is drying up. Whats left in policy terms. Green issues? Conservative/ Labour have moved on these areas squeezing LibDems and Greens. Taxation, extra people taxes or local income tax don't make sense.

Where should LibDems go?

1) Ditch Ming, Chris Hulme looks high calibre as a future leader.

2) Ditch local income tax and 50% higher tax rate and move largely to Pollution Taxes.