Saturday, October 06, 2007

ConservativeHome analysis of the new crisis facing Brown:


Anonymous said...

It is a shame that the British people will not get a chance to have their say.
Brown has lost his bottle and that means our Country is now weakened by having a Prime Minister that the world knows is indecisive and weak.

Anonymous said...

And in the news this week, Tory Envy takes the new stylish form of a propaganda table.

I laugh at the implication that any Tory goverment wouldn't be running to do the same thing...and more. Gerrymandering anyone?

Before: The Conservatives are not in power.
After: The Conservatives are still not in power.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Brown is evil, and there has been no pilitcal opportunism on the part of the Tories in this whole thing.

As a non-sympathiser I think Cameron has played this whole thing politically very well, but he's just done what Brown would have done in the same circumstances, and Brown has just done what all incumbents do; played the hand he had.

All this manufactured Tory cant about it is itself cynically opportunistic, and pure hypocrisy - as usual.

Antony said...

Cameron has played a blinder and the faux outrage of the left makes it all the more sweet.

Brown did this to himself and by Saturday even he realised he couldn't win either way.

Until last week I'd have agreed and said the Tories were playing this to prevent a GE, but the morale in the party is now sky high. We think we can win, which is why so many Tory activists are gutted about losing the chance to take on Brown. We knew before what the polls said afterwards.

Anonymous said...

IMO I don't buy the Conservative Analysis. Its poor mud slinging. The only people who are disappointed that Brown cancelling an election are tha Opposition parties and the Media and Press. The British public weren't that keen I'd say on an Autumn election on the run up to Christmas, whatever the result.

Lets be honest, why did Brown cancel. It was the Conservative popular policy on Inheritence Tax (£1m level) and this being the root cause of a 8-10% lift in the polls for the Conservatives.

The public still see Brown as a very competent PM ,leader and very safe pair of hands and still have questions about Camerons Leadership and Ministerial potential, as wellas One National/ Thatcherite infighting on policy ascendency.

The two policy areas of huge important are derelict taxes such as inheritence tax, capital gains, stamp duty; all taxes that steal the average persons wealth, savings and investments. Labour are trying to migrant to this area.

The other major area is affordable eco house building of 2 million homee, largely in London, the South East and Home Counties and how this is acheived economically, politically, financially, practically and in terms of fair planning. This is the challenge and nettle the Conservatives face to become truely electable!