Monday, January 24, 2005

Everybody that believes in accountability should sign our petition on

Tories keep up the pressure on Couzens

Petition launched to restore confidence in City Hall

Leading Conservatives have kept up the pressure on embattled LibDem Leader Ian Couzens after he refused to take responsibility for the CityCare by failing to quit.

Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman Antony Little widened the debate with a full analysis of Cllr Couzen’s leadership under the title “5 strikes and he’s out”, detailing the LibDems woes in a number of areas including CityCare, Norwich Market, Car Parks, Snow Gridlock and the recent revelations about waste in the Housing Department.

In a letter to the Evening News and the EDP, Antony summed up the Tory position, saying:
“If people are losing faith in politicians it’s because nobody seems to be accountable anymore, or take responsibility when things go wrong. Cllr Couzens, this is your administration and your problem. Put public faith back into City Hall – surly it must be 5 strikes and you’re out?”

Speaking later to a meeting of Conservative council candidates, Antony said:
“We will not let this issue lie. The report from the Housing Department about money being wasted and the rules being broken should shame the Council. The CityCare fiasco has literally shaken lives in our City. Somebody needs to be held responsible.”

“This evening we will start collecting names of those believe we should have accountability in political life. Cllr Couzens believes he can hide in a City Hall bunker and ignore the wishes of local people. We won’t let him.”

“This evening we are launching an on-line debate and petition calling from Cllr Couzen’s resignation. Our website – - details the case against Cllr Couzens and asks for new political leadership.”

“We will take this information to every home in Norwich asking people to stand up for accountability. LibDem Couzens must listen, and it must be 5 strikes and you’re out.”

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