Sunday, January 16, 2005

Another grovelling apology for failing to blog this week, but we have just moved! Yes, it’s happened! We’re now living in a rather nice house on Trafford Road. It is an absolute tip and plenty of DIY and TLC is required. Perhaps I should now call this Blog from Town Close?!?

Between me smashing out wardrobes (something rather pleasing about hammers) and running around in circles for school there have been very few opportunities to do anything else. Saturday I had a large team out in (you guessed it) Town Close Ward knocking on doors – really good reception. The LibDems are currently trying to ignore the Greens in between periodic bouts of having a pop at them. If I were the Liberals I’d be very worried about the Green vote in Norwich, because it certainly isn’t coming from Labour or the Tories. Had a few switchers from Labour and a very angry nurse declaring she’d rather eat her ballot paper than vote for Blair. Nice.

This week my Gamecube playing goes to one side to enjoy more DIY, parents evening on Thursday and ante-natal classes on both Tuesday and Wednesday!

p.s. I have only seen the response to the Crime Survey 2005 from those who completed it online but it looks like a real success!

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