Monday, January 17, 2005

Crikey, I can actually see some floor space now. Quick – somebody put a box on it! A busy day at school trying to sort out Sixth Form Admissions soon pans out towards the dreaded DIY.

Fantastic stuff from the Conservatives today on the tax and spending plans, although slightly disappointed we can’t point to the specifics with the unfair taxes (inheritance tax, stamp duty, petrol tax etc) that we’ll cut. Andrew Marr, the hardly pro-Tory political editor of the BBC, said it was achievable and anybody that works in public services knows that there is money to be saved. £8bn off public debt and an extra £24bn into frontline public services sounds sensible to me, plus these are by far the most detailed plans put forward by any opposition in a decade.

As for the rather timid LibDem launch, there was really nothing new. Raising tax etc but nothing to write home about. Their rather sad placing on the news says it all.

Really interesting piece in tonight’s Evening News standing up for the Tesco’s on Unthank Road today and also another complaint about charges at the Mile Cross Tip.

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