Thursday, November 26, 2009

What experience do Green Councillors have?

There is a very funny and mischevious letetr in today's EEN (sadly not online) which encourages Rupert Read to stand to be the new Green Leader on the basis it is only right that a philosophy lecturer can top the experience of a politics graduate who has never held a proper job (!)

That got me thinking if a party leader should have what we now fondly call "real life experience" to do the job properly. I'd like to hear what you have to say on that issue.

But a glance at the publicly available register of interests for 2009 show the following as the professions or jobs for the 13 Green Party Councillors;

Cllr Janet Bearman - no job
Cllr Tom Dylan - Employed by the Green Party
Cllr Bob Gledhill - Full Time Green Party Councillor
Cllr Adrian Holmes - Software Developer
Cllr Howard Jago - no job
Cllr Samir Jeraj - Admin support for another Green Councillor & UEA Student
Cllr Tom Llewellyn - Development Manager at Norwich Buddhist Centre
Cllr Stephen Little - Full Time Green Party Councillor (also on Norfolk County Council)
Cllr Ruth Makoff - UEA Student
Cllr Peter Offord - Tutor
Cllr Adrian Ramsay - Deputy Leader of the Green Party
Cllr Rupert Read - Lecturer at UEA
Cllr Claire Stephenson - Teacher

I wonder which of these people think has the experience to be the next leader?


Anonymous said...

I am absolutely shocked by this. And I am a Green voter.

EGL Resident said...

Tut, Tut, Antony.

Don;t feign suprise here - you knew all this and there was no need to exclusive research to know this. I am disappointed you dressed it up as otherwise.

You know, as do I and anybody else who is interested, that the Greens are a political class. They are not drawn from the population but are a sub-set of people drawn from the elite to save us all. They don't need to work, not when there are leaflets to be delivered or doors to be knocked on.

The fact that these people have nothing in common with me means nothing. They are not meant to.

For what its worth, on topic, I think Read makes the best ideological leader but Stephenson will not scare the horses.