Thursday, November 26, 2009

PB's Super Six on Norwich South

There are very few people left who really believe that "only the LibDems can beat Labour here" (including very senior LibDems who say to me privately that they don't expect to win). I was speaking to Costessey residents in the last week who desperately wanted Labour out - surely a good target then for the Libs? No, they wanted a proper change and were voting Conservative. You can only be sure to get rid of Brown by voting Tory, they added.

And now PoliticalBetting.Com's Super Six Predictors have had their say; these are the best political tipsters on the site.

2 say it will be a Conservative gain; 1 for Labour, 1 Green and 1 LibDem.

Hardly scienfific and hardly authorative but nobody can say this is anything but a wide open race. People who say otherwise are deliberately misleading the voters.


Anonymous said...

Ramsey going Full time?
Wrighty going Full time?
Clarke already there?

You need to take a leave of Absence sir....?

Anonymous said...

Anon - I couldn't disagree more. The fact that Antony has a job, gets up, does the daily slog and pays tax at the end of the day really marks him out to me. He is the only one who knows what it is like for the 99% rest of us.

I couldn't vote for anybody who doesn't have a proper job - I voted for Andrew Aalders last time and I will vote for Antony this time.

Anonymous said...

Antony's got a real job?! I thought he was a teacher? That's why he's the only one who doesn't have to give up his day job. And if schmoozing brown nosed anonymous says Antony knows what it is like for the rest of us then he must be a teacher too or perhaps one of Antony's tame little councillors. The rest of us do real work and often for much less money. Teaching is a huge great con trick. Oh, hang on a moment, perhaps he will make an MP.

Anonymous said...

Ramsey - dount he has ever worked
Wright - by Littles Log Archive has been a Teacher and worked for an MP (so there is work experiaece)
Also Clarkey has more jobs than can be counted !

The only one here with no experience of "work" (9-5, income tax etc) is Mr Ramsey

Im sure closer to the Time Councillor Little will take leave to work Norwich South Full time

Antony said...

Anon No.4; the bets thing about being an "Anon" is not having to take responsibility for your comments. If you did then that might not only have cost thousands of votes for your party but would have offended the hundreds of thousands of school workers (both teaching and non-teaching) around the country.

My belief in freedom of speech allow you to say this, and say it as an anon, but it also gives me the right to say that you are woefully wrong and if you would like to shadow me for a day I would be more than willing to show you what I do.

Anonymous said...

Wright WAS a teacher, he quit some time ago to work for an MP then to fight his own campaign. I wonder why he quit as a teacher. Either way he's been out of the loop for a long time. He doesn't count in my eyes as having experience.

Don't think he has children either.

And he only moved to Norwich when he was selected; formerly in Fakenham?

Anonymous said...

Wright lived in Norwich before he was selected.

Don't see how you can say he doesn't have experience as he HAS worked. You can't decide it doesn't count to suit your arguement.

And what does the fact he has no children have to do with anything?

Anonymous said...

I don't think that this is the case Anonymous 7; Wright was Cllr in Fakenham, the to-be-Mrs-Wright worked at UEA and he moved after being selected.

As for kids I agree it wouldn't affect me!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Anon 8, he was living in Norwich before he got selected.

I can assure this is the case, I'm sure he was living with hisparents at first but then moved in with his wife.