Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Day The Shed Came Down

When you are snowed under with survey canvass returns, leafleting Bowthorpe, canvassing in Eaton and campaign planning, when is there a better time to start dismantling the garden shed? To be fair, like a certain government, it was rotten and - also maybe like the government - was going to collapse fairly shortly of its own accord. Why is this worth blogging? Because the shed is the last part of the original garden that we bought back in 2005 - now it is totally unrecognisable from the day that we bought it. Every room decorated in some form or another; I don't know why, but now I feel the stamp is on the house. I should also record my thanks to Cllr Wiltshire who did somethings with a hammer that ought never to be blogged...

Talking of which, I recieved a very interesting letter from a gentleman living in Thorpe Hamlet who said that he lived in our house in the period 1933-35; This man and his family don't seem to be on any register so it helps to explain a little mystery of who owned the house between it being built, in 1933, and the first registered owners in 1935. I am writing to offer him the chance to come back and see it again if he wishes - and when and if he does then he will see exactly what kind of home we have made in our 4 years in 138 Trafford Road.

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So is this a sad day or one of satisfaction?