Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back on the Campaign Trail

The Bowthorpe by-election is hardly behind us and we are already back out on the streets campaigning for the upcoming European and County elections. Our candidates nominations are ready, the leaflets are printed and its time to hit the streets ...

Last night I canvassed in West Earlham and tonight it was Clover Hill; the response was very good for the Conservatives but slightly worrying for politics generally and turnout specifically. A lot of people in the ward groan at the thought of another election and trying to impress the importance is vital. The fact that we have a real local candidate in Bowthorpe has gone down very well and our year round campaigning is appreciated. Early days yet, but it is good to be doorknocking again - a fantastic way to keep up with casework!

In the next few days I am helping out other candidates around the City and will keep you updated with the campaign and the issues being raised.

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Anonymous said...

I was canvassed by your county council candidate yesterday. He seems a nice chap. One election after another is a bit of a pain, but it has already shown which Parties are serious about Bowthorpe and which are not.