Tuesday, February 17, 2009

LibDems will scrap plans to dual the A11

Anybody who attended the City Council debate on the subject of dualing the A11 may be surprised by that blog headline, but once again the gulf between local and national LibDem parties is startling.

In order to make his back-on-an-envelope £20bn tax cuts stack up, LibDem Leader Nick Clegg is announcing the savings in dribs and drabs as and when they are dreamed up. Last week this included cutting the road building programme by 90% (yes, ninety percent). This would, inevitably, include the work that is needed on the A11 and the A47.

I happen to believe that this was seen as an easy hit for Clegg; enhances his environmental credentials and provides a serious wodge of cash for his tax cut plans. However the arrogance of the national party means that was never communicated with the local party nor alligned against local priorities.

So local LibDem Chiefs will be left to answer to local people about why the A11 won't be dualled under the LibDem spending plans.

This decision couldn't have come at a worse time for business in Norwich and Norfolk; and again demonstrates why the LibDems can't be trusted with the big decisions.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I need to worry about that till Clegg is in number 10!

Locally the Lib Dems are solid on the A11

Anonymous said...

So why should we listen to anything the LibDems say then?

Anonymous said...

Well thankfully the Libdems are going to seize government, so all is acedemic.

A11 and A47 dualing do need to happen, soon, along with Acle Straight, Long Stratton bi-pass and NDR to provide better infrastructure and give a timely recession period boost to the hard hit construction industry in hard times.

If brown can find £50bn for banks, he can find £0.5bn for these schemes, which will enhance added economy activity to the area.