Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ivan Cameron : An Amazing Life

As the father of two young daughters, I cannot imagine losing either of them, and in that respect I have no idea what David and Samantha are going through. I can but imagine how I might be in their circumstances. Those pictures of Ivan's parents caring for him, touching him and holding him are very special indeed.

I am very rarely moved by the news, but watching the BBC tonight I admit to getting very upset indeed; a child is so precious and so wonderful that losing them at any age must be devastating. David and Samantha should thank God for his 6 years tonight and that they showered him with love and affection during that time. Ivan was in a great deal of pain, but the touch of his loving parents no doubt helped him through those times. But we should also keep Nancy and Arthur in our prayers who have lost a brother they both loved very dearly.

Our families shape us as much as we shape them; Emily and Olivia have changed me and my politics and we have heard today how Ivan changed David Cameron. Few people can ever say they moulded a Prime Minister, but I think Ivan Cameron has done it. He lived a remarkable life and both he and the Cameron family are in my prayers tonight.


Anonymous said...

I too found myself very upset at the news of young Ivan’s death. I don’t feel that politics has anything to do with the pain a parent feels when they lose a child as I lost a baby daughter through cot death many years ago. It never leaves you and the six years they had with their wonderful son are very precious indeed; it certainly shapes how you view the world and my thoughts and sympathy to David and Samantha Cameron and their young children. I do however think that the press should give them some personal space at this time for them to be with those people who mean the most – their family.

Anonymous said...

As a general observations many politicans control huge egos. Not always the case. This is the people politics of empathy, which is sobering for all of us. We are all human.

Out of hugely tragic events can sping hugely positive and engaging consequences with time that connects those [spirits] with enormous talent and power with those who feel powerless in a complex world.