Thursday, January 08, 2009

Reshuffle fever and Reshuffle nonsense

Nick Clegg should stick very closely to a very boring script because everytime he utters in public he makes a prize mistake - either about women, the pension or his shopping habits. So when he came out with this line:

"I am proud to lead the best front-bench team in British politics, a team which has consistently been ahead of the curve on the big debates that matter to the British people."

...he can't of possibly thought he would get away with it. The Cult of Vince aside (a viewpoint I happen to challenge as it happens) the LibDem frontbench is utterly devoid of talent; Ed Davey verus William Hague, for example. The art of fibbing is that the fib should be believable. Spouting this nonsense ... honestly!

As for the other reshuffle story - the continued Tory speculation, I have to agree with Iain Dale when it says that Cameron must either now act or announce he won't reshuffle because the rumours could start to be damaging. For what its worth I am very relaxed about the return of Ken Clarke and if he does the right job he could prove to be a serious thorn in the governments side. Equally though I think Alan Duncan deserves to keep a serious frontbench position. Mind you, Cameron can't possible make a stupider comment than Clegg!

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