Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Miliband's Speech: The one thing it does tell us

I've read the now-famous Miliband artical and have caught up with the news. Unfortunately I am ending up agreeing with Michael Portillo, who was on Newsnight a few moments ago.

I don't know if this is a coded attack on Brown (or Cameron) or if this is a very subtle leadership bid. But I do know that we now have a Foreign Secretary so strong that he can afford to do this, have Brown mis-interpret his comments and still stay in his job.

Whatever the hidden message of this article, the political message is clear: Miliband can be bold because he's now totally unsackable.

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Anonymous said...

Look, Brown's pigeon's are coming home to roost. Having undermined the Blair premiership with his own leadership ambitions; now he and his brownites are feeling insecure from the masked ambitions of a more appealing and articulate young pretender.

Unless Milliband does something outrageous, he has a degree of unsackability about him.

IMO, Cameron and team are so far ahead, its going to be pretty difficult for and new Milliband team to climb out of the Brown bomb crater to gain any parity before the the next GE.